1980's louver door

I took an existing original 35+ year old solid frame louver closet door and repurposed it and all of its hinges, springs and pins. Without WD-40's help none of the screws or hinges and pins would have been able to be de-constructed and all repurposed. I started by spraying each and every pin, screw and hinge that was rusted and coated with years of paint, with WD-40. I did this a few times a day for 3 days. on the third day, with a little bit of elbow grease, they all broke loose, which allowed me to remove them. I then added a 1/4 inch high grade lauan plywood. I used a bar clamp and jig saw to cut the lauan to the interior size of the louver panels, both top and bottom. I secured the cut panels of lauan to the lover doors with 3/4" 23 gauge pin nails. Once that was completed, I caulked around the panels. I then sanded the doors with 100, 180 and then 220 grit sand paper. Wet and raised the grain on the panels, then re-sanded with 220 grit sandpaper. I then applied 2 coasts of a good stain blocker, followed by 2 coats of a good interior latex. I used another few sprays of WD-40 to release the springs/pins on the top and botton of the panels and re-installed my 35+ year old outdated looking louver door with one that looks modern, sleek and brand new. I also tied in a stylish octopus door handle since we live in Florida close to the beach and have a nautical theme throughout our home. Thank you WD-40 as always for your help in this project!


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