(GRANDPA) 1948 allic chalmers d14 restoration

I inherited this tractor nicknamed grandpa last year and it was the only new tractor my grandparents ever bought bew but never sold before moving into the city. I got it from my uncle who held on to it for while and luckily loved it enough to keep it in the garage up until the time came that it needed too much work and would be just to expensive to fix and leave sit around. Me being a mechanic and huge motor head I dug into it right away and now I'm stuck in the middle of a full restoration because we found so many minor issues with it that needed attention. I just went thru resleeving and rebuilt the engine while cleaning up and painting everything up front and now I'm just working my way to the back and going thru the rets of it while im at it. Ill say wd40 is a awesome product and my family has used it since well, I don't know I was a baby when I first seen it. I've been using your product on all the bolts that won't come loose and even my crank pulley was stuck until I sprayed with wd and let it sit over night, to my amazement it popped off like butter yet the night before it wouldn't budge with force, i even i broke the pulley trying to get it off. Hey I may not have the best Grammer either but I know a good product when I see it and when I do I'll stand behind it, I have one bottle in the house and 2 in the garage, gotta have a backup, shoot I should even pull a move from the cartoon on TV and get a holster for a mini bottle lol. Ide love to win this contest just to put that money inro grandpa's restoration but either way oh well, it's a joy just to talk about it and makes me happy to know the tractor will be saved and used in parades. To me it's a honor to my grandpa as well as all older hard working people who made this country great just like they did this tractor in it's glory days


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